Cigarette Ends

By Anonymous

It was four in the morning. Monday morning. There hadn’t been many people out the evening before. I could tell this from the number of discarded cigarette ends. I would often go out to collect them. Three cigarette ends of a reasonable size make for a reasonable roll-up. Lots of people collect these when they run out of tobacco and money. In half an hour, on a good morning, I can collect enough to last a day or two. On a day like this, when the clubs and pubs and bus stops and taxi ranks hadn’t been bus the night before, I could get enough to last half the day.

Once the day gets going I can find a few to make a decent roll-up more or less whenever I like, unless it’s been raining. With wet dog-ends I need time to let them dry out. I know a young man who uses a microwave to dry them out. I put them on a piece of paper and rest them on a radiator or on a lamp. I am lucky; I have a place with power and heating.