The Christmas Deadline

By Anonymous 3.

I used to follow the news. The news, I prayed, must, must come to some resolution by Christmas. Something must give by the 25th of December: in the peace process, in the negotiations, in the talks, in the refugee camps, on the streets.

the-home-of-the-candle-3-1425901There may be many people at Christmas who just cannot see a way of resolving everything by the deadline. The time when we hope there will be blesséd relief, and peace. Too many confusing and worrying thoughts arise: how can we get “up-to-date” with everything? How can things, like the rent arrears, family ties, the past, the here and now as well as far away war situations, be resolved in “peace”? How can we get all the problems we have and all the extra ones we are presented with, resolved?

We can stand up straight, we can take a deep breath. We can remember that the rush for answers at Christmas has left us free to go on in the past and, with the luck and mercy we’ve always had, we’ll be able to set off again next year, with our hopes and our beings intact. We’ll get through it, and, maybe next time, it won’t all feel so ominous, or pressing. We will one day be able to see that as things have turned out well many times before, they will again.