By Nkosinathi

When you were younger you revered your parents. You probably thought your father was the strongest man in the world and your mother was the purest in heart. Then you grew up and realized that they were far from perfect. Since then you have searched for perfect in your life; for the perfect car, the perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect friends, the perfect spouse. You think you are still working towards that and will someday attain it. Are you sure you’re not missing the point? Do you think yourself as perfect? Maybe you think there is no perfect and have settled with what you can get. I’ll let you in on the biggest secret to ever reach the ears of the entire world.

liquid-stock-photo-1171698There is one perfect in everything. You don’t have to look far for it either. He is perfect. He knows all your thoughts and ways. Like a secret admirer, He has watched you from a distance, rooting for you, leaving bread crumbs in your path that will lead you to Him. He has written an open letter: His life story written personally for you, expressing His love in the hope that you will find Him out. He is only a name call away from you, waiting for you to take that initial interest in Him. You don’t have to settle for less. In fact, He thinks you are worth more than the world and you deserve more than what the world can give you.

You might feel you got it figured now but He knows something else you don’t. He knows your tomorrow. He knows that you will end up regretting that big choice you will have made, and that you will wish somebody had warned you. He has analysed every possible outcome to your choices. Let’s just say this: He wants to guide you on a crazy adventure to find fulfilment in life, with the bonus of an eternity spent with Him.

If l could be forever young and never have to be told to put away my toys, I’d say, “Perfect!” (Air punch)