The Forgotten Coin

By Nkosinathi

There was once a coin of immense value. It was duplicated many times and used everywhere.

Gradually, new coins were introduced into the currency, coins of higher value than the original one, and made of sturdier metal. In time, the coin’s value depreciated until it was rarely thought of any more. The coin and its duplicates were decommissioned and tossed aside, lost in attics, sofas and in between floorboards in households throughout the land; unneeded, worthless. Forgotten.

Generations passed. Empires rose and fell. Governments came and went. One day as a man cleared the junk in his attic, he came across the coin, now dirty and damaged, under a huge chest of drawers. He wondered what it could be. He asked his neighbours. No one had a clue. He cleaned and polished it. It was charming in a unique way and he knew he would be loathed to lose it.

The man took the coin to the biggest museum in the city to enquire about its history. The museum marvelled at what he was holding in his hand. Until this vbrazilian-s-old-coins-1228320ery moment, the curator explained, all they had was an old drawing of what the coin should have looked like before it had disappeared. Soon word got around to other museums and collectors and the coin was hailed an antiquity. They pestered the man to sell it to them.

What’s it worth? he asked.

It’s priceless! they exclaimed. You will be rich!

They explained to him that what he had found was the very first coin of its type. The coins in circulation today were its descendants.

The man considered their offers but withdrew from the collectors. He held the coin tight in his hand as he returned home. I recovered it from obscurity, he reasoned. It’s unique charm is its pricelessness, not its monetary value. My life is of such value to God that even during the times when I have thought less of myself, when I have felt like I did not measure up to much in this life, I was still priceless in His eyes. Like this coin in my hand, I too am a treasure in the hands of Christ.


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