A tale of the streets

by Ian

Deep inside a twisted mindhomeless-1548657
Darkness falls but cannot find
Peace nor calm, success nor favour
Forced to be on best behaviour

Damp and cold draw winter nights
Alcohol and barroom fights
Bloodied faces, narcotic traces
Scouring streets for sheltered places

Old and young, and black and white
Violence on the streets at night
All around, the students sing
I’m in a bag tied up with string

Concrete beds and cardboard boxes
Scavenging, like urban foxes
Waking bells ring hour by hourhomeless-1251058
Cleanliness, without a shower

Shabby clothing, dirty skin
Hide the human far within
Council staff, instead of cops
Paid to move us on from shops

Tents no more – We had eviction
Forced to town, and face conviction
The weakest faces – now no use
– many stories of abuse

Pitiful, destined to fail
Will no one listen to our tale?