The Dodo

By Ian

Adam and Eve, with just one apple tree
produce their two boys, and then forgot
To explain where we come from, or why we are here
or why this old Earth is so hotfrohawk_dodo

God, we’re told, made the planet for us,
But dodos, they just came and went.
It’s not so profound, the world spins around
The dodo was here, now he aint.

Nobody tells us what dodos believed,
or after death, where they’re sent.
The waves come and go, and nobody cares
Why life here is irrelevant

In truth, we’re like dodos, just here for a while
just borrowing somebody’s land.
Nobody owns all the oil or the gold,
any more than they own all the sand

One god or many, this name or that?
Dodo, he was smarter than us
Nobody knows what the dodos believed,
but he lived, then he went without fuss

How long is time, or how far is space,
why does the light move so quick?
Why do so many, have more than they need
and is all religion, a trick?