The Forgotten Coin

By Nkosinathi There was once a coin of immense value. It was duplicated many times and used everywhere. Gradually, new coins were introduced into the currency, coins of higher value than the original one, and made of sturdier metal. In time, the coin’s value depreciated until it was rarely thought of any more. The coin … More The Forgotten Coin

Wrong Number

It was a wrong number that started it. The telephone ringing three times in the dead of the night. When Geoff answered, he could have acknowledged that he was not the man the caller wanted, but the woman sounded intriguing … More Wrong Number

Chicken Soup

Funny really, I suppose, how life turns on its razor’s edge, on a point made by a knife. When I eventually caught the bus, not the original one I wanted, that would take me home on that Tuesday night, I sat and had a thought. A moment. … More Chicken Soup